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“One day at a time, remember that. You just survive one day at a time.” (H.J. Bellus) 
And this what I keep telling myself, especially as certain dates keep creeping up. Three years ago, our lives where shattered with what the doctors told us. 
So much has happened since that day. It will be three years this May that we had to part with Nayelis. I still feel her here with me, and at times I hear her voice calling out to me. She lives because she lives in my heart. 
Today also marks 12 weeks. 12 weeks of life growing with me. Blessed beyond belief, and while excitement overwhelms me, I am also reminding myself that this baby will not be replacing my beautiful Nayelis. This baby will know about his or her courageous sister, who I am sure hand picked this perfect being growing inside of me.