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Even if it's just ONE.

You are so strong.  Or I don't know how you do it.

This is what I am often told when they learn about what I have been through.  But, what do you say to that? How do you respond?  I mean, sometimes I just give a smile; and sometimes I say I had/have no other choice. 
and when I think about it, I guess I do have a choice. I can let it consume me and break down, which I do at times, and just drown myself in my sorrows. Or I can use it as fuel to keep pushing.  Keep pushing.  When you have little ones, you have to keep going.  I can't check out on them. I have to be present for them, for my family, for me. 
Life is always going to throw curveballs your way.  It's up to you to decide if you are going to let it define you or refine you.  If you fall, get right back up and keep pushing.  There's no shame in that.  Use your struggles to strengthen you.  Learn from your mistakes. 
Like Steve Maraboli said, "My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeate…

What's your story?

What's my story?  I've battled obesity since I was a child. I've tried all kinds of fad diets through out the years because I wanted that quick fix, not realizing that yes I lost some weight fast, but I also gained it back fast because it was not a consistent plan. Many of you know may know I lost my daughter three years ago. Her loss impacted me in many ways, including my health. At first it was a roller coaster full of highs and lows. I used food to comfort me at my lows, further making my fight that much harder. I just had a baby boy two months ago, and with the joy some struggle has also come as I tried to deal with many emotions I have pushed back these past few years. I knew I had to do something for my health as I now had two little ones to keep pushing forward for. That's where Beachbody came in. I wanted to try something that I knew would challenge me and would be consistent. Having a new baby at home makes it hard to go to the gym. The 21 day fix program allow…

Because I matter too.

Because I matter too, I have to learn to take care of myself the same way I take care of others. 
As the oldest child of eight in the home, I was shaped to be a caretaker.  Take care of the household.  Take care of my siblings.  Take care of everyone and everything, but I wasn't taught to make sure I took care of myself the same way. 
Fast forward 20+ years later, I find myself overwhelmed with life.  I am a wife and mother of 3, and one of the 3 now resides in my heart until I can hold her in my arms again.  Life has happened, and I have left myself float alongside of it. Sometimes just doing anything and everything to keep me busy, and keep me from thinking. 
Just two months ago, I gave birth to this beautiful and precious baby boy. He is our rainbow of hope after the storm my family has been through. He's a blessing our angel has sent our way.  But little did I know that his arrival would cause so many bottled emotions be set free.
It's all bittersweet, more sweet than …