Because I matter too.

Because I matter too, I have to learn to take care of myself the same way I take care of others. 

As the oldest child of eight in the home, I was shaped to be a caretaker. 
Take care of the household. 
Take care of my siblings. 
Take care of everyone and everything, but I wasn't taught to make sure I took care of myself the same way. 

Fast forward 20+ years later, I find myself overwhelmed with life. 
I am a wife and mother of 3, and one of the 3 now resides in my heart until I can hold her in my arms again. 
Life has happened, and I have left myself float alongside of it. Sometimes just doing anything and everything to keep me busy, and keep me from thinking. 

Just two months ago, I gave birth to this beautiful and precious baby boy. He is our rainbow of hope after the storm my family has been through. He's a blessing our angel has sent our way. 
But little did I know that his arrival would cause so many bottled emotions be set free.

It's all bittersweet, more sweet than bitter though. 

and this has been an eye opener for me; a sign that I need to take care of myself so that I am able to take care of my family as well. They deserve me to be at my best, and in order for me to be at my best, I have to deal with the many emotions raging in me. 

I already started focusing on my physical health, and I am proud to say that so far so good. 
I have also made an appointment to talk to someone about this all. What good is it if I am eating healthy and exercising, if I don't also take care of my mental health? Many don't realize how important it is to take care of your mental health well being, but our thoughts make and shape us. 

So I will leave it here for now. 
Until next time. 


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