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Deep breath. Let it out slowly.
Something that I've had to remind myself to do lately because with everything that has happened I feel like I'm suffocating. Drowning with in, yet I have to grasp on to the surface to be able to continue.
Continue living. Living for a purpose. I have to live for my son, who at such a young age has to had to endure the loss of his best friend, his sister. I find myself watching him like a hawk these days. Trying to see if I can somehow read what's playing through his mind. His eyes wander off often into deep thought, and every time I ask him if he's ok, his reply consists of "just thinking of Beba".

and that makes my heart hurt even more. Because if it's so hard for me to understand why things happen, I can imagine how he must be feeling, not understanding why his sister had to go away leaving him here alone...trying to understand why is it that she won't be coming back, and we have to wait until it's our tu…