Came across old pieces of writing ... Enjoy

January 20, 2010:
An Invitation

For you...
Inviting you to come and take a swim deep inside of me, and navigate the crevices and make sure not one is left undiscovered...make sure to be prepared to be taken to a point of no return and to be left a in a complete state of bliss...
...let us connect the dots and imagine of a world unknown to others where only you and I take residence on this particular moment...a world where all inhibitions are left behind and the only thing mattering is what we are about to find...

January 21, 2010:
If I could...
If I could, I would...
Would turn back the hands in time, and try to make it right all over again.
Would let the truth be known before  the unknown would lead to the end
the end of what was fought for from the get go
the reality that  you and I were getting to know
that even though I loved you soyou and I could be no more...
If I could I would...Would move the mountains and swim the seasdo the impossible to bring you back to me
for just one second I would let us be
what we once were...
what we once were before I chose to walk away
and I still remember the pain written all over your face
as though it was only yesterday
and I still remember because it's a memory that I carry every day...

August 26, 2010:
Alone.'s how I feel right now. Not that you would know because we barely say a word to each other. how did we become so distant with one another? Days turn into nights, and weeks into months...and yet, we fail to acknowledge the gap between though we don't want to talk about it for the unknown is scary...

September 22, 2010: 

I feel quite lost
my mind wanders
wondering what am I doing wrong
never have I felt so strong
about this longing I feel inside
Petrified of the unknown
of losing you and being completely alone

To take back the hands in time
to that one instant
that one moment
where all felt right
where the only fight fought
consisted of who would be the last to
say goodnight.

Remembering what once was
and knowing what it would be
if all is worked out
between you and me
provides hope
and helps me cope
with this feeling

This feeling of uncertainty
doesn’t allow me
to think clearly
impairing my vision
the elements of this
love unloved.

September 25, 2010:

The day is gone
night has creeped
up once again
and with it came
an emptiness
that doesn’t seem to end.

its a battle
between the mind
and the heart
of wanting to be close
but at the same time
wanting to part

for it makes no sense
to want to fix something
that’s unfixable
we’ve become detachable
no longer together
always with out the other
no explanation to provide
to the coming and going
with you not at my side

it’s like a story
my very own fairytale
I was the princess
and you my prince
creating a happily ever after
but I’m not convinced
that’s how it will finish
this story will be over
and this love will gradually diminish

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin


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